Drug Testing 101: “Need-to-Know” for Custody/Visitation Cases


In family law cases the issue of alcohol and drug use and/or abuse often comes into play, whether you are being accused of using or whether you are making the allegation yourself.  Depending on the type of court you are in and the general procedures employed by the Judge presiding over your case, proving or disproving drug use may be difficult.

In these difficult situations, it is important to have an attorney in your corner familiar with the different types of alcohol/drug testing offered today.  The best weapon or defense you can have in certain cases are the results of a alcohol/drug screen.

When considering alcohol/drug screens, most people think of two types: a urine screen or a hair screen (often referred to as a hair follicle screen).  In reality, these are only two (2) of the multiple types of alcohol/drug screens at your disposal.

Whether you need proof of another party’s drug use or proof that you have not been abusing alcohol any of the following tests are at your disposal:

                        A)        Alcohol Tests:
                                    1.         Breath Alcohol Test
                                    2.         80-Hour Etg Test
                                    3.         Hair Follicle Alcohol Test
                                    4.         Blood Spot (or “Peth”) Test
                                    5.         Alcohol Nail Test

                        B)        Drug Tests
                                    1.         Hair Follicle Test
                                    2.         Urine Test
                                    3.         Saliva Test
                                    4.         Finger/Toe Nail Test

Each of the tests above differ in the time period in which alcohol or drugs can be found in a person’s system, so it is always important to know what you are trying to find or prove when determining which test option to pursue.*

Knowing your options is half the battle, and the other half is having someone who will represent your best interests.  If you or loved one find themselves in a situation concerning alcohol/drug testing, you need someone in your corner.  Give us a call today for a consultation at the Sellers Law Firm: where clients become family.

*For more information on alcohol/drug tests, check out The Artimes Group at http://www.labtestservices.com/slide-view/occupational-screening/.