Gun Rights Attorney Georgia

Gun Rights Attorney Georgia


A felony criminal record changes your life forever.  One of the ways your life is changed is the loss of your Constitutional Second Amendment right to carry, possess, and transport firearms.  Under Georgia law, however, you can have your firearm rights restored if certain conditions are met.  Restoring your rights is never a guarantee, the process can be long and tedious, and the technical criteria you have to meet can often be confusing.  At the Sellers Law Firm we have years of experience in helping clients restore their constitutional right to bear arms.  Give us a call today to discuss restoring your rights at the Sellers Law Firm: where clients become family.


Although a criminal arrest record may be restricted in certain situations when you have a criminal case dismissed (or nolle prossed), if you are convicted of a crime or plead guilty to a crime a restriction is not available to you.  But do not despair. Even though you cannot restrict your criminal record, you may be eligible to receive a pardon from the state of Georgia. A pardon is a state-certified order of forgiveness from the state of Georgia. After an individual completes their sentence, a pardon may be granted to individuals who have maintained a reputation in their community as an upstanding citizen. The pardon is then attached to the individual’s criminal record stating that the state of Georgia has pardoned the crime.  While a pardon does not restrict (expunge), remove, or erase the crime from an individual’s record, the pardon may help an individual advance in employment opportunities or higher education. Give us a call today to discuss your option at the Sellers Law Firm: where clients be come family.

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Being charged with certain crimes in the state of Georgia can result in yearly obligations to place yourself on certain registries, which restrict your rights as a citizen of this state.  Registration requirements can be burdensome, voluminous, and can often result in future criminal charges if not strictly complied with by the registered individual.  Under Georgia law, there are processes that have been created to allow individuals meeting specific criteria to seek removal from these registration requirements.  At the Sellers Law Firm we have experience in helping citizens remove themselves from these registration requirements. Give us a call today to discuss your case and see if you qualify for removal.

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