School Tribunals


A school tribunal is triggered when a child is suspended from school for more than ten (10) days. In this situation, your child is entitled to due process. In this case, due process entitles your child to a hearing held before tribunal members to determine whether your child will be suspended from school.

Often times tribunals are thought of as non-legal matters, so attorneys are generally not sought out by parents for their children. Your child always has the right to have an attorney represent them in this process, and legal counsel is always encouraged.

Although school tribunals are not criminal in nature (i.e., the penalties do not include incarceration in jail or prison), the actions that lead to the tribunal are often attached to juvenile delinquency proceedings, which are criminal in nature. To avoid any possible problems that may affect a juvenile court case, having an attorney should be considered by every parent facing a tribunal.

For more information on school tribunals and a quick guide to school tribunals, check out the website for the Georgia Appleseed Center for Law and Justice.



Whether your child is facing an upcoming tribunal, they are being investigated by school authorities, or they are facing a juvenile delinquency matter, you need someone in your corner looking out for your child. Give us a call at 770-415-9848 at the Sellers Law Firm: Where Clients Become Family.