License Suspensions: Why You Should Not “Just Pay the Ticket”

license suspension

A license suspension can be triggered by a number of different traffic and criminal convictions: DUI, Reckless Driving (for Commercial Drivers and Under-21 Drivers), No Proof of Insurance, Hit & Run, and Driving on a Suspended License, to name a few.  Often people find themselves trudging down to the court house to just pay the fine and walk away, only to find out later that their license has been suspended.

When facing a traffic ticket or criminal charge that could suspend your license, you do not need to take a risk and walk into court alone.  Whether the ticket your facing may add points to your license or suspend your license all together, you need to be informed and represented before you step foot into court.

As laid out on the website for the Georgia Department of Driver Services, there are three ways that you can lose your right to drive:

  1. Cancellation: “The Department of Driver Services is authorized to cancel your driver’s license if you fail to give the required or correct information needed in your application or if you are otherwise ineligible.”
  2. Revocation: “When your driver’s license is revoked, your driving privileges are terminated and withdrawn until the end of the period of time prescribed by the formal action of the DDS. At the expiration of the revocation period, you may apply for a new driver’s license once you satisfy the requirements. You will be required to re-take the driving tests.”
  3. Suspension: “When your driver’s license is suspended, your driving privilege is temporarily withdrawn for a specific period of time. At the expiration of the suspension period, you may apply for a driver’s license once you satisfy the requirements.”

For anyone looking for a few quick FAQs on license suspensions in Georgia, you can check out the Georgia Department of Driver Services here.

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