D.U.I. Law Changes in Georgia: 10-Day Letter becomes 30-Day Letter

House Bill 205 has added a few more details to the state’s current D.U.I. laws, and with those changes comes the need to update and education ourselves.

In addition to a new Ignition Interlock Permit option for certain individuals charged with a D.U.I., see our article HERE, the traditional ten (10) day period in which a driver has to appeal a license suspension under a DS-1205 Form has increased to thirty (30) days.

Prior to July 1, 2017, anyone charged with a D.U.I. and issued a DS-1205 Form suspending their license (known as an administrative license suspension, ALS), would receive a temporary driving permit for thirty (30) days.  If you failed to appeal this suspension within ten (10) days, your license would automatically be suspended.

With the passage of House Bill 205, however, that time period has now been extended to thirty (30) days.  Often called a 10-Day letter, with this new law we now have to become accustom to 30-Day letters.

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