Adoption: Taking the First Step


Adoptions are by far one of the happiest parts of practicing law. Adoptions build families, provide for children in less fortunate situations, and create pure joy for all of those involved; the actual process for a legal adoption though can be confusing, overwhelming at times, and difficult to interpret and maneuver without the help of an experienced attorney.  At the Sellers Law Firm, we are here to help ensure your adoption is handled with the care you deserve.

Adoptions come multiple types, ranging from private family-member adoptions and private step-parent adoptions to agency adoptions and out-of-state adoptions.  Knowing the ends and outs of each type of adoption, legal technicalities involved in each process, and potential pitfalls when an adoption is not properly conducted are essential in ensuring your adoption is completed successfully.

At the Sellers Law Firm, we have years of experience handling adoptions in the state of Georgia (under the legal requirements of the Official Code of Georgia Annotated) as well as out-of-state adoption-placements (involving the Interstate Compact on the Placement of Children(I.C.P.C.)).  You may be looking to adopt, or you may know someone who is interested themselves; no matter the case, your friendly neighborhood law firm is here for you.